Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is BNA Search different from other biotech & pharmaceutical recruiting and search firms?

A: BNA Search knows biotech and pharmaceutical recruitment. That’s all we do. Not only that, we are even more specialized so we can go even deeper into our areas of specialization. We’re a top-tier provider offering far better results than other staffing options. We’re not a resume submittal service nor are we just filling requirements. We understand that hiring managers are looking for more than just someone to fill a position, but rather someone who brings a lot of value to the team and can play a key role in achieving the goals of the company.

We thoroughly interview every potential candidate and will discuss with you their strengths, weaknesses, hot buttons, and motivation for change. We know the market and aggressively seek the best talent in the industry. Our level of service and quality of candidate pool are excellent. Customer satisfaction is paramount and our clients are thrilled with the value we provide.


Q: If BNA Search is a premium provider, why haven’t I heard of them?

A: We try to focus on quality over quantity and provide our clients with a true strategic partner for all of their recruiting needs. Once we start working with a client, we consider ourselves and extension of them which has been hired to help make the company successful by attracting the best talent fast. The A-Players who aren’t looking to make a change, but will listen to the biotech recruiters at BNA Search because they know and trust us from past experiences. We also feel we have a brand to protect, a company that represents great companies to work for that can offer excellent opportunities for A-Players. While you may not have heard of us, chances are you have heard of our clients. Our clients are growing, bringing products to market in a timely manner and have excellent management teams with the vision and experience to navigate the challenges the FDA can bring.


Q: Where do you acquire candidates?

A: Being extremely focused on biotech and pharmaceutical recruitment and focusing on regulatory, biometrics, PV and HEOR for the past 12 years has advantages. We have a breadth and depth of knowledge that makes us unique and we have an extensive network spanning all segments of the market. We are never starting a search from scratch and often times know of a few candidates that would be perfect for an opening. We have built our network through hard work and due diligence, meeting our target niche at events, trade shows and through networking.

Most of our business is referrals driven – having our clients and candidates we work with reciprocate and work with us. We believe the best way to build a clientèle is through word of mouth and offering a service that is worthy of a recommendation. That is why many of our candidates were found through a referral of someone we already knew who thought enough of us to refer their peer to us.

We have built good relationships with many of the best passively looking candidates over the years, the best and most talented individuals that are not actively looking and never have to actively look. They are too busy being successful at their current jobs to actively look for new opportunities. These people are not on the job boards or receiving alerts of new job openings, but many of them have shared their career goals with us over the years and we have the ability to share your opportunity with them as a potential career opportunity. We also have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to source the top candidates from your direct competitors.


Q: Why should I work with you over all of the other providers that call me?

A: By having immediate access to the most desirable candidates, we can greatly reduce your time-to-fill cycle, saving you time and money. Rather than you having to sift through the many resumes and potential candidates, we do that for you. By finding out what is required of someone who is going to be successful in your position, we bring 2 or three people to your attention that meet your criteria. Our diligent search process has proven effective over the years, allowing you to focus on your core business while we help bring a super star to your teams quickly.


Q: What types of roles do you specialize in?

A: Our main expertise is in the areas of Regulatory Affairs, BioMetrics, PV/Drug Safety and HEOR / Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Market Access and we work with biotech, pharma, medical device, diagnostic and CMOs across the country and the UK (EU). We know the slight differences between the skill-sets and what type of experience and attitude is necessary to be successful in a given role. Because of our specific focus, we are able to build a depth of knowledge and understanding of the industry that cannot be matched by more generalist search firms.

We have made many of our clients very happy they chose to work with us, feel free to Contact Us to discuss how we can do the same for you.