Why Choose Us?

There are search firms who specialize in recruiting for numerous industries or cover all disciplines within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. BNA Search is not one of those types of firms. We feel that our strength comes from our complete focus without our area of specialization and expertise. With our focus on our core competencies and our extensive network of relationships throughout the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, we are able to:

Domain Expertise – Regulatory, PV / Drug Safety, HEOR, BioMetrics

With over 12 years of experience in the biotech recruitment and executive search industry, we understand the unique challenges facing our clients . We understand there is a great demand for exceptional talent that requires a very unique set of skills. Over the past 12 years we have developed strong relationships with these individuals and are therefore not only able to locate exactly the kind of person you are looking for, but are also able to discuss new opportunities with them, even when they are not looking for a new position. While many other firms try to be everything to everyone, we have chose to be excellent within our niche. We don’t try to fill every type of position within the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, we have professional recruiters who are experts in regulatory recruitment, biostatistics / biometrics recuitment, Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety recruitment and HEOR / Health Economics, Market Access recruitment professionals who focus entirely on their specific niche to gain true market insider status.

We Are Experts in High-End Sales

We are professional biotech recruiters that know the business of executive search who are able to tap A-Players on the shoulder and present people that you aren’t able to find in other ways. We are students of our own industry and have incorporated the best recruiting practices in recruiting passive candidates who are top performers. While we are tenacious and persistent, we never come across as pushy headhunters and will always represent your company in a very professional manner.

We know what we are looking for before we start our search:

Our biotech & pharmaceutical recruiters also know how to differentiate between what a client believes they want, and what a client really needs. We take the time to learn what it will take to be successful in a given role and who is going to be a good cultural and technical fit. With our extensive search process, we will make sure we are not wasting anybody’s time.

Synergy: The intangibles that are required for a successful team

We take the time to not just find the requirements in someone you are looking for, but to also see if they will be a good cultural fit. Chemistry between team members is a tricky thing, but can be the key to success as well as job fulfillment. We are very diligent and look for people who will exceed expectations and bring synergy to your department. Please take the time to review our website, our Frequently Asked Questions and judge for yourself. We are confident in our abilities and feel it is a win – win when companies choose to partner with us and help take their company to the next level winning the very competitive task of talent acquisition.

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