Since specializing in BioMetrics, we have learned how small and competitive the market is. It is vital that we are aware of the intricate details of the opportunities and what separates your opportunity from other similar positions in your area. There are truly A-Players available to you, if you are able to position yourself appropriately in the recruiting process. We can help develop a strategy to attract the best talent available and that starts by asking the right questions and listening.


The Ph.D. with oncology experience and 4 – 15 years experience could be very interested in your position, we just need to find out what is appealing about your particular opportunity.┬áProfessional BioMetrics candidates are contacted a lot regarding very similar positions, but many of them would listen to an opportunity that can offer potential in one of several key areas.


If you are a client, we will make every effort to understand your needs, your company’s culture, and your management style so that the candidates which he presents will fit on all three dimensions. We will advise you as to the difficulty of the search, how best to sell the opportunity and whether your compensation package is competitive or not. It is our job to not only bring opportunities to A-Players, but to also tell them what is unique about your opportunity. Therefore, it is essential we work together to discuss what is the best strategy for you to attract best talent to your team.


If you are a candidate we will strive to find opportunities which fit your skills and aspirations, not simply what his clients might need at the time. We will consider your strengths and areas you need to strengthen, he will be honest regarding the demand for your skills, and the best way for you to position your experience and accomplishments to be successful in your search.


We focus on Biostatistics, Data Management and SAS / Statistical Programmers from the Senior Associate to VP levels of experience with an MS or Ph.D. in Biostatistics or related field.


If you are serious about obtaining the best talent for your company or the best opportunity for your career you should contact a company whose thirteen year commitment has been to the biotech industry.