We understand very well how competitive the biotech recruitment industry is..


..which is why we have made considerable efforts to separate ourselves from our competition. Our focus is to help grow and develop organizations by recruiting and placing key individuals who will have an impact on your clinical trials success. The people we place are the ones who know how to bring a product to market and have many years of industry experience with some of the most successful companies. But Still, why should you work with us when you have five other recruitment firms calling you every week?

It all starts with why..

Why should that exceptional candidate, who gets five calls a week from recruiters, whose walls are up, who is happy where they are and not looking consider. Why should they consider an opportunity with your company?


They are always in demand. Our clients understand they need us to compete for top talent and that job postings aren’t producing the results they truly desire, the kind of people that are not looking for a new position on job boards. We are able to tap this hidden candidate market by helping our candidates decide if they are currently in the right place by confidentially introducing them to our clients, even if they are happy where they are and are not actively looking for a new position. Many of our conversations with hiring managers begin by saying that the candidate we are presenting isn’t looking for a new job, but they are willing to speak with you.


A commitment to full and open communication with clients and candidates, plus an unwavering focus on their needs, not ours, is the reason behind BNA Search’s success.


We understand there is a significant investment made when using a search firm, but that cost is not nearly as expensive as the cost hiring someone who is not a top performer. Nor is it as expensive as not having the position filled in a timely manner. The costs of not finding a high achiever in a key position who will play a key role in the approval of a drug or the progression through the clinical trials process could literally be the difference between the success and failure of company.


We are not looking for low hanging fruit. This is why we do not use any of the job boards to find our candidates. We take a proactive, targeted approach in our search process and are focused on finding the best person for your opportunity.


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