Unique Client Services



We have reviewed hundreds of our competitors websites to see what kinds of services they offer their clients seems to be a very similar theme. Generally speaking, most recruiting companies offer a variety of recruiting packages such as contract, contingency or retained and then go on to explain the benefits of each service. While we also offer those services, we try to offer you something a bit extra.


We feel there are some very unique services that we can offer you that play to our strengths. Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the following free services.


Right of first refusal

Building the best team possible may be a question of timing rather than immediate need. If you are open to the idea of seeing the best talent when in your geographic area when it comes available, true A-Players who have excelled throughout their career and possess a very specific skill set, even if you don’t officially have an open position and with that in mind, we would like to offer you an opportunity to hear about these superstars.

Market intelligence

Take advantage of our cross referenced contacts throughout the industry and someone who may be more than just a recruiting firm, but also a business partner.

We know there are times when you may have a question, problem or concern that arises where an objective third-party would be helpful. When that occurs, we would like you to contact us to see if we can help, even if it has nothing to do with recruiting. Even if we aren’t able to provide you with the necessary feedback, because of our extensive cross-referenced network of contacts in the pharmaceutical industry, the odds are pretty good we can put you in touch with someone who can.


I need someone yesterday

If you have a truly urgent need, we can dedicate a considerable amount of time and focus on your needs. Because of our narrow focus within a select group of disciplines within the pharmaceutical industry, we are able to not only provide quality, but speed as well. If we are able to partner with you in a collaborative manner, we can usually present at least two highly qualified candidates within a week.


Interview feedback

15 years of interviewing experience working in HR teams and as third party recruiters, we have seen what works to attract the best talent to your team. We have seen many opportunities lost by hiring managers who knew the level of talent they wanted, only to have their dream candidate turn down the offer because of how the company conducted their interview. Having an objective opinion from someone who has seen hundreds of companies interview, we can help evaluate your processes and make suggestions that will attract the talent you are looking for to your team.

The benefits of an engagement search

While the retained search option is offered by many search firms, we feel an engagement search may be the best option for all involved.

What is an Engagement Search?


Many companies think they are improving their odds of finding the best person for a job by giving the position to five different recruiting firms as well as having their internal recruiting team work on it, but we feel there is a better way to achieve the results you are looking for.


To find truly talented individuals with a very specific set of skills, you need a professional firm to take the necessary time, to clear off their desk and focus on your needs. If recruiting firms aren’t doing that for you, then you aren’t seeing the best possible candidates for your opening. You are primarily seeing candidates who fall under the category of “low hanging fruit”. You see what you talent is truly available to you, you should consider the engagement search option. The benefit to you is this type of search carries no risk to you, but can produce results far better than the contingency option.




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