Our Search Process


A biotech recruiter needs to understand exactly what a client requires in a candidate; otherwise, the results of the search are less than ideal. We go to great lengths to avoid that very outcome, beginning with a complete needs analysis and key selling points of the opportunity. The results of this initial step will yield a profile of the ideal candidate.
Still before a single candidate can be identified, we will construct a framework based on your input and industry standards. We develop a list of your direct competitors and people who have the right kind of industry experience such as Phase I – IV, post marketing as well as oncology. We find out what an exceptional candidate will look like to you then do our diligence to find it.



Using comprehensive industry knowledge and a database unmatched in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device staffing business, we select candidates for preliminary interviews, which are done over the phone or in person. This enables us to determine if the candidate would fit into the organization’s culture, if they have the appropriate background, and if they would accept an offer should it be extended.
This exposure to candidates is enough for us to create a short list, which is submitted to the client with resumes and analysis of the respective interviews.


Comprehensive Interviewing

At this point, potential matches are selected and we arrange in-person interviews; candidates are briefed on the client company’s goals and priorities.
Following the client/candidate interviews, both parties are debriefed and any individuals that the company does not wish to pursue are politely released. For the candidates that do make the cut, we do in-depth reference checks, schedule second interviews, and address particular areas of concern.



Sorting out the details of employment can be a delicate matter, and assembling a compensation package that pleases everyone is something we have a great deal of experience in. We verbally transmit the job offer and relay the acceptance to the client.
Candidates are consulted on how to handle resignation and counter-offers, and even after confirming the start date, we continue to be a presence. The recruiter remains in contact with the new employee while they adjust to the new environment, and also confirm with the client that the placement was a success.

Feel free to Contact us to see why we feel our search process can deliver you better results. Our team of biotech recruiters are experts in their chosen niche and would be happy to speak with you about your ideal candidate.