Regulatory Affairs

Recruiting in the regulatory affairs niche, there are a few things that we have come to recognize about successful recruiting. First, most organizations have an ongoing need for seasoned professionals in the two areas. Consequently, people are contacted more frequently by recruiters with varying levels of opportunity than perhaps any other professional group. In addition, people are very aware of quality of life issues and are more and more sensitive to their work environments.


As specialists in this niche, it is important to find and present opportunities to individuals that really fit their continuing professional development needs. Getting to know people in a concentrated area and recognizing real opportunities when they present themselves allows me to confidentially present only those positions that are in line with their own career plans.


On the company’s side, getting to know organizations and understanding how culture of an organization impacts cohesiveness of the team and it’s ability to work together under intense deadlines is critical. Working directly with hiring authorities and HR to find what kinds of individuals make a certain group thrive is perhaps the biggest key in bringing quality candidates to my clients. This business is about building long-term relationships and where both groups, candidates and clients alike, can trust and openly discuss with their recruiter their expectations, needs, and interests.


People We Recruit


We concentrate in the regulatory affairs for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, from Senior Regulatory Associates to Vice Presidents. Candidates tend to have a PH.D, MS or BS with experience in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry. Typically the searches we are requested to work on are for individuals who have a minimum of 2 years of experience working for a biotech/pharmaceutical company.

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